If so, you can take part in the ‘100 Day Moxa Challenge’ for Long COVID

Help your body heal itself

Join our at-home pilot study from anywhere in the world. 

If you have Long Covid, we’d love to hear from you. 

This is a huge global issue, so we welcome participation from anywhere.

We aim to help Long Covid sufferers by revealing a simple, accessible pathway to recovery. 


Take part in our '100 Day Moxa Challenge' pilot study and together let's see if we can find a way to help longhaulers anywhere in the world, while at the same time hopefully helping you recover faster too. And it's all completely free.

-What is moxa or moxibustion therapy? -

Small cone moxa is a powerful natural therapy that uses smoldered moxa floss (dried Japanese Mugwort plant extract) on or above specific points on the skin. It is a traditional immune-enhancing heat therapy that can help the body rid itself of certain pathogens. It is both simple and entirely safe to use having been used in East Asia for at least 2,000 years (much like acupuncture).

//What is MOXA? | moxafrica//. 

-What is our aim? -

We want to use this Challenge to better understand the recovery process from Long Covid while at the same time exposing a cost-effective, simple treatment that can help improve the lives of other Long Covid sufferers all around the world.  

While in more prosperous nations the effects of Long Covid are now slowly being addressed, in the majority of the rest of the world, there is still little or no recognition of the condition. For a family that relies on the income of a wage earner who can no longer earn a regular income due to debilitation by Long Covid, this is potentially devastating - which is most particularly the case in poorer countries where financial and societal support isn’t readily available. In other words this is a serious and so-far neglected problem that needs a practical, cheap and effective solution

-How does the pilot study work? -

  1. We first ask you to fill out a preliminary assessment form so that we can better understand your symptoms and treatment needs, and assess your eligibility. 

  2. We then send you a second ('baseline') questionnaire that generates a measurable score in respect of your current condition.

  3. Next we send you a ‘100 Day Moxa Challenge' kit by post (anywhere worldwide). This kit includes enough moxa for 100 days of daily moxa and clear instructions for one of the four protocols (options) that we assign you to.

  4. You will also be provided with ongoing support by email. You can also contact us directly via email and text with any questions before, during or after the pilot study. 

  5. Over the 100 days, we will also ask you for updates about both your treatment and recovery to ensure all is going well.

-How do we gather the results? -

A final assessment of your recovery is made by comparing the score from a final questionnaire with the one that you submitted at the start of your Challenge. 

Your result is then added to the others emerging from the specific protocol you were assigned to, and the final average 'scores' for each protocol are then compared .

-Who is running this pilot study? -

The Moxafrica Charity( Home | moxafrica )is managing all aspects of this study.

(UK Charity Commission registered no. 1128408).

Since 2008, this not-for-profit organization has been operating in the UK, in several countries in Africa, and also in both Japan and North Korea. Up until now, it was exclusively investigating how moxa can help patients with drug-resistant TB (tuberculosis), harvesting some very exciting results from three clinical trials along the way. Results of Research | moxafrica.

One key aspect of this research has been the daily application of this moxa therapy which appears to slowly strengthen the 'host' immune response, thus promoting a slow-growing measurable recovery from a debilitating disease.

Some more background information about the study can be heard in the following podcast interview:

 Moxa to the Rescue, Researching Moxa in the Treatment of Long Covid - qiological 

-Why Long COVID?-

We have been closely following the coronavirus pandemic since its outbreak, particularly focusing on the challenges of Long COVID.

Although the coronavirus and tuberculosis are very different, we particularly noticed some similarities in the way Long COVID affects the body’s immune system and so can stall recovery. It was this that helped us decide to explore moxa as a treatment option for this very challenging condition. 

-Could moxa help long-haulers in a similar way to how it appears to help TB cases?-

We already have anecdotal evidence that suggests it will help. But COVID-19 is not just essentially a new disease but it also is accompanied by wide-ranging symptoms, so any traditional treatment (like moxa) needs to be carefully considered in light of this - hence the '100 Day Challenge' to find out more. With the help of selected experts, we have designed four different moxa protocols in order to compare them with each other.  In this way, we hope to see one or two shine out as being the most effective after 100 days of therapy and then promote their use to help long-haulers everywhere.

-How can I apply? -

We are inviting applications from anywhere in the world. Just email to find out more. 

Or, you can jump straight in and take this preliminary Questionnaire to see if you are eligible. We will get in touch after we've reviewed your answers.  

Thank you. We’d really love to hear from you if you're struggling to recover. Your participation could make the world of difference.