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Sources for obtaining moxa

The following list is far from exhaustive - but we hope it will be helpful for everyone wanting to source their own moxa. Please note that if none of these sources are available to you, we will send some moxa to you in good faith for free to help get you started.

You need 10g of good quality Japanese moxa and some incense sticks to help light the moxa (sometimes called 'tapers' or 'akabane sticks').


We currently know of no sources of moxa of appropriate quality in the African region.



        Still working on this!


East Asia

Senefa -

Kobayashi -

Moxafrica Japan -



      Docsave (Germany)     Product Code KR200 -

      Okyu-do (UK) Supreme moxa 30g | Okyu Do (


North America

     Lhasa  - Fukuju Moxa (

     Blue Poppy - Ultra-Pure Loose Moxa 10g box-Blue Poppy Enterprises


South America

      (Still working on this!)

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